American Alchemists: John Hazelrigg

John Hazelrigg (1860-1944) began studying astrology in 1892 and began publishing in 1900, several articles, books, and 'Hazelrigg's Astrological Herald'. He founded the American Academy of Astrologians (along with Delmar Bryant) in 1916. He is apparently pretty popular still among astrologers, I have not found any information on his alchemical interests aside from his published works.

Books online:


  • The Number of a Name this letter describes an English numerological scheme I've seen called "Chaldean" elsewhere.
  • Hazelrigg supposedly predicted in 1908 that the presidents elected in the years 1920, 1940, and 1960 would die in office. (I believe this was in his 'Astrological Herald' or 'Astrological Almanac'

The Unurthed blog has some striking pictures from Hazelrigg's Sun Book.


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The table of contents for the 1917 yearbook of the American Acadmey of Astrologians is published in the 1918 edition. In it, they list their address as 711, W. 180th Street in New York.

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Thoth-Hermes #9

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