A Philosophical Riddle


[from the Aurifontina Chymica]

A Strife late rose in Heaven, yet undecided,
and the chief Deities were by pairs divided:
Saturn and Luna one Opinion held,
Jove and Mercury (combin'd) refell'd:
Venus and Mars, that still have loved either,
Gainsaid them all, and would assent with neither.
In this dire brawl, 'tween these three pairs begun,
To Judge and Umpire, they all chose the
Therefore amidst them all, his place is still,
With power t' advance and grace which part he will,
By all their joynt assents; for as his might
Great is, so clearest is of all his Light;
And those with whom he holds must needs as best
And worthiest, bear the Glory from the rest:
And since he needs must joyn with one (for odds)
Cannot remain long 'mongst agreeing Gods.
Shew me (some man that can) with which of these
Three pairs the God consents, and best agrees;
And (on the New Lights word) I that before
Knew nought, will rest and ask no Question more.

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