Three Principles which Originally Constitute the World

[Transcribed from Sloane 3632, image from the same MS]

There are Three Principles which Originally Constitute ye world as is Taught by
1. Moses2. Hermes &3. Antients 4. Alchemists5. To These may bee Applyed the qualitys of ye Four Elements
Princip 1 Called:Earth & water1: A Body1: First Matter as Patient1: Sulphur & Salt of nature yt is
That is: An Unctuous, Clammy, Clingy, & Glutenous Earth, & a water diffused everywhere in & about it
As out of these two as it were Hylely so called Elements, the watery moles or mass did then make up only one Body
Which is called The Lower body or body below
These Three are the first created Triune Ens and Universall Chaos
materia YAH
A Fatt and Unctuous EarthAnd a dry water not wetting hands
Those are called ye
Sol & Lune
Earth & Water
2 Called:[Heaven?] 2: A Spirit2: A medium2: Mercury2: Aer & Fire
Latex Æthereus or a vitall & Heavenly moisture Fire and water a watery fire, or fiery water & soo called [Shâmayim?] in ye hebrew LanguageThat is: the Æthereall spiritt of world, which is a spirituall body and a corporall spiritt viz the Firmament above, covering & hanging over ye lower body.Partaking of two natures, for it is, as it were not a body, but is as it were now a soul and as it were now a body ye Uniter & Joyner of two Extreams. That is: The Æthereall spirit oporating according to the anture of the sparks of yt nature to wch it is joyned: after ye likenesse of ye Planet mercury in ye firmament which hath a various nature & alltogether changeable putting on ye nature & qualitys of ye things it joyns with, Hott if with hott & Cold if with Cold &c.
3 CalledRuach Elohim 3: The soul of [ye World?]3: Form: as Agent 3: Nat[???] & [???]3: Quintessence
That is: The spirit of God which sat, or brooded upon ye waters: Genesis ye 1stWhich is yt Blessed viridity, Greeness or strength wch maketh all things to Germinate & spring forth and is ye Green Lyon and the Green Duenech [vitriol?] of [venus?] : [???] & [???]This is that which Gives life motion and beeing ot the First Matter which Actuates & Illuminates it.

If thou shalt have Regard to, and rightly Consider the Conditions & Qualities of those 3 aforesaid principles, In a different respect, Physically, Phisicomedically, & Alchemically Then thou wilt be Able to gett thy selfe happily out of ye Labirinth of Objections

1st And First If they are Considered, simple by Themselves; or mixt together

2d Secondly If they are Considered in their Abstract; Or seperate one from another; Or in their Concrete or growing together

3 Thirdly If they are considered in their pure or Impure Condition. (For those Adhere to Sulphur a fatt Fuliginous, or Sooty Excrement; To Salt a dull foul Earth; To Mercury A watery Phlegm

4 Fourthly If they are Considered in their dissolved, volatile, or flowing condition Or In their coagulated, or fixed state and Condition.

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