Multum in Parvo

Transcribed from the Manly P Hall collection

The Eagle's Gluten is our Double Mercury, called Azoth [composed of our Luna and secret fire].

The Blood of the Lion is Gold, Mercurialised and volatilised in the Azoth.

The Chalybs of Sendivogius is ∆∆∆♁♂, which is the first and the Coagulated Mercury of the Philosophers, but it must be highly pure.

The other Chalybs of Sendivogius which he calls, the beginning of our work, is Azoth.

The Child [gold] becomes food for the parents [namely the ☿ of ♁ and ♂, i.e. the ∆∆∆♁♂] by the medium of ☿♎ in the Azoth.

The Philosophical sublimation is a subtilisation, ascension and descension in fumes, in one vessel.

The Sal Ammoniac of Sendivogius and Artephius, and the Ostriches Stomach of Paracelsus is ☿♎, our second Philosophical Mercury, the Mover and Secret Fire

Count Bernard's Fountain is our mineral mercurial water, that is Azoth, from the mine of Saturn: — That is ∆∆∆♁♂ and ☿ of ☿♎ āāāted together, not by hands, but by Nature, in which the King [☉] bathes himself.

The Philosophers Mercury, which dissolves gold and silver, is a dry mercury, otherwise it could not be coagulated with the perfect metals.

This is our Azoth, the Philosophers water, which is a dry water, revivified by Nature in Azoth

The central sulphureous Salt of the perfect Red Sulphur, of the Red Stone, is extracted for a glorious medicine by Rectified Spirit of Wine. This gives a quintessence of a Ruby colour of much sweetness, and of a fragrant smell; which must be taken in White Wine.

The two mercurial substances of Count Bernard Trevisan, are ∆∆∆♁♂, and ☿♎, of one root, namely of the Root of Gold.

These three united form Azoth the Fountain of Count Bernard, in which the King bathes himself, dies and is regenerated; and himself, his queen and the fountain are united in death and resuscitated in a glorified spiritual body [R. alba et rubea].

The Philosophers Garden in Flamel is the Glass; the Earth or Ground is ∆∆∆♁♂ purissimus; the Tree, Root or Seed is ☉ in Rebis.

The water or dew is Azoth, the ☿ of ☿ in our āāā.

The Vinegar of the mountains of Sol and Luna mentione by Artephius is Azoth, our philosophical mercury amalgamated and washed, [not manually, but by Nature in the Glass].

The preparation of our Sophic ☿ [the first coagulated mercury] requires a strong heat; but the digestion of Azoth must be commenced with a gentle heat and continued so, until a circulation of vapours, which are mercurial, is established; which vapours dry up; complete putrefaction takes place, in a black dry substance, which remains a long time; the matter liquifies again, and then increasing the heat a little the vapours circulate again and finally dry up, and passing through various colours, the work terminates in a bright silver-white powder.


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